Practicing Safe SUP is as easy as 1-2-3

Paddleboarding is dangerous. Although the paparazzi photos of bikini-clad celebs and their backwards paddles would make this statement seem ridiculous, there's lots of evidence (sadly) to support it. Any time you are on the water and exposed to the uncontrollable elements of nature, there are inherent risks to your life. Since SUP exploded on the scene, there have been numerous drownings…

3 easy steps to find the right board

Ready for a new paddle board? Here are 3 easy steps to finding the right board for you.Step 1: Inquiry- Where will you paddle most of the time?- How will you transport your board there?- How will you use your board? [Fitness, Racing, Surfing, Fishing, Exploring, Relaxing, Yoga, All of the above?]- What is your budget?- How much do you weigh?- How tall are you?- How much experience do you have on a…