Stand Up Outfitters is a paddler-owned and operated SUP destination in coastal North Carolina. Here's what you'll find:

  • Two fully stocked retail locations with new and used inventory
  • Complete demo fleet of factory boards and paddles
  • Premier SIC Maui Five Star Glide Center featuring demos and stock models of all SIC series boards and paddles
  • First class rentals for recreational, race, surf, and touring
  • Certified SUP instruction
  • Junior Development Program and Camps
  • Corporate Teambuilding and Events
  • Guided Tours & Adventures

Who We Are 


We bought our first paddles from Quickblade in 2010 and the rest, as the cliche goes, is history. From the beginning we learned to paddle surf on the waves, discovered the competitive racing scene and enjoyed leisure and training time on our local rivers. The sport transformed in our lives from recreation to obsession and finally to vocation. Our best customers became our best employees and over the years a team has synthesized. We believe in the power of the SUP as an agent of positive change in individuals and communities.

OUR MISSION: To promote an inclusive SUP community and offer the best in equipment, expertise, resources, and experiences.



The history of stand up paddling can be traced to the islands of Hawaii. What started as a form of transportation, a way to entertain tourists, and something to do when the waves were flat, the activity of stand up paddling has evolved from an obscure water activity to one of the fastest growing sports on the planet. 

Why is SUP so popular? It's the bicycle of the water. Anyone can do it, anywhere there is water, at any age, and on equipment that is easy to transport and use. On the fitness front, SUP promotes a healthy mind, body, and spirit in a low-impact and non-intimidating nature. It's multi-purpose appeal has created fanatics from all walks of life, from recovering Triathletes to confirmed couch potatoes. If you haven't tried it yet, now is the time.  And if you have, well, you know the feeling.   

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