Stand Up for Success in 2017

Need a New Year's Resolution that works? For 2017, take your training outside for an activity-based fitness program that will expose you to experiences in nature that will have lasting impacts on your mind and body. The older you get, the more mind-numbing the same old workout can become and your body slowly adapts to it, all of which dilutes the effectiveness. Switching to activity-based training such as stand up paddle boarding, will help you stay fresh and fit. You can use your paddle board for cardio, strength, and stretching exercises so you can forget the gym and get active outside!

Here's a sample workout incorporating all three elements that are key to your overall fitness.

Warm Up: 10 minutes

Spend the first 10 minutes slowly warming up your body and clearing your mind. Reach forward and take long, slow, gentle strokes. Wiggle your toes, flex your ankles, roll your shoulders, and take deep breaths.

Cardio Blast: 5 minutes

Alternate 30-second to 1-minute bursts of fast paddling with slower paddling

Technique & Mental Focus: 10 minutes

Start by paddling 10 strokes on your right, then paddle 10 strokes on your left. Continue by adding 10 strokes to each side until you are paddling at least 50, 75, or 100 strokes per side depending on your ability. This exercise will help your tracking, control, and mental focus.

Strength Blast: 5 minutes

Find a quite spot where you can float freely without running into anything or where you can safely anchor your board to a floating object (dock, buoy, marker, etc.) and complete the following exercises on your board:

- Push ups - as many as you can until failure

- Plank - as long as you can until failure

- Plank Curls: In a plank position, use your core to draw your right knee to your right elbow and straighten you leg behind you, then draw your right knee to the center of your chest and straighten your leg behind your, then your right knee to your left elbow and straighten your leg behind you. Then repeat the sequence using your left leg. Do as many right and left leg alternations until failure or just do once.

- Rail Dips - Stand up on the board and use your feet to rock the board from side to side, dipping the rails in the water. Start slowly and increase your speed until you are tired.

- Squats - Hold your paddle over your head and perform squats on your board until failure.

Stretch/Cool Down:

- Using your paddle, reach up towards the sky and twist side to side

- Reach up and forward towards the nose of your board

- Reach up and back towards the tail of your board

- Fold forward and reach towards your toes.

- Walk out to a plank or "down dog" position to stretch your whole body.

- Stand up and take 3 big inhale/exhale cycles

- Paddle slowly back to your launch spot


- Drink water and eat a healthy recovery snack with a combo of protein and carbohydrates. 

Repeat weekly!