Want a Bodacious Body? Just Stand Up

The sun is heating up the Earth again and the days of hiding under layers of clothing are over, unless you love heat stroke. Yes, it's time for the annual "bikini body" workout challenge/panic featuring endless reps of strange, complicated, and often painful exercises designed to "trim and tone" those "problem areas". We all want to look and feel good in our summer wardrobe, but who wants to endure that? There's an easier and happier way to a bodacious body through the miracle sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding! SUP is the ultimate total body workout that will tone your arms, abs, legs, and provide great cardio benefits. And as an added bonus, studies show that "activity-based" exercises like paddleboarding are better for overall wellness of the body AND the mind! Why? Because as your body is working to keep you standing and paddling, your mind is focused on the beautiful water and nature around you. We like to call it the "un-workout workout". So what are you waiting for? Just Stand Up to get the best body and life you deserve.