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All About Delivery



Free Regional Delivery with minimum qualifying amount for your area on the map. Enjoy “White Glove” delivery by SUP experts of your unboxed and pre-inspected board direct to your door on your schedule. No 53′ truck in the driveway, no waiting for a driver with more butt crack than teeth.

  • If your order does not meet the minimum for free delivery you can get creative and add a board to your order or get your friend to add a board to the order and you both get free delivery. 
  • If you can’t qualify for free delivery in your area, we will deliver for a fee. Contact us for a delivery quote
  • If you live way outside the delivery area, we can meet you at a rendezvous point within the delivery area.

Freight Delivery in the USA to commercial and residential addresses or Terminal Pick Up. Rates are variable. Contact us for a freight quote

Exclusion Delivery is not available for Consignment items


Paddles Flat Rate $35

Everything Else Free

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Choose More Adventures

Ride more days, catch more waves, and surf new ways on a stand up paddleboard. You don’t have to be the SUP kook in the lineup. You can still be a surfer and wear your shortboard badge of honor. Add SUP to your quiver and you can choose more adventures anytime and anywhere.

Stand up paddling is more of an enhancement to your surfing life than waving the white flag of kookdom.

When the waves aren’t firing, SUP on flatwater improves your overall balance, surfing fitness, and offers the same happy water therapy you get from surfing.

On a “Downwind” SUP, you glide on the wave energy without the consequences and you can use the wind to your advantage. Simpler, easier to use and more forgiving than kitesurfing or windsailing, downwinding is the easiest way to enjoy windy days on the water.

And if every year, it gets harder to move your geriatric joints through the “pop-up”, then standing up offers the freedom of wave riding without the physical challenges of prone positioning.

In the winter months, you can enjoy warmer and longer wave riding sessions without the pain of head numbing duck dives and frozen limbs. Standing above the water is warmer for sure.

If you still think SUP is for kooks, that’s ok. We’ll just be over here on our own, riding more waves, gliding more bumps, and breaking more glass. You’re always welcome to join us.

Now You Need a Board & Paddle!

Shop our selection of new and used boards & paddles up to 50% off NOW



Visit our store in New Bern | 1305 Country Club Road | Call (252) 638-3000 to speak with paddlers that speak surfer

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We’re Poshing!

Looking for incredible deals on coastal apparel and accessories? Duh, who isn’t! Now you can score deals by shopping our Southern Aloha Poshmark Closet! Featuring paddle and surf apparel BELOW wholesale cost, you will freak on the deals. Poshmark is the new way to do retail. Plus you can become a Posher yourself and make money selling your own gear. Check it out here:

Poshmark Rules
Welcome to our Closet!
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See if you qualify for Free Delivery!

See if You Qualify for Free Delivery!

Right now we’re offering Free Regional Delivery on qualifying purchase amounts. We securely deliver SUP equipment to your location or meeting point in the delivery area, on your schedule.

It’s the safest and easiest and most affordable way to buy SUP gear!

If your total is below the minimum for free delivery, we offer delivery service for only $299. Want a real shocker? Get a quote for Freight Residential Delivery of a 14′ board and you’ll see why this is your best deal. Plus, we won’t drive a forklift through it. 

Another way to reach your Free Delivery minimum is by getting your neighbor to order one and you both get free delivery, buy a sup for your neighbor, or buy SUPs for the whole neighborhood. As the old Hawaiian saying goes “mo boards, mo bettah!”

How to See if You Qualify for Free Delivery and Score the Best Sporting Goods Deal of Your Life:

  1. Identify your location on the map. If your location is outside the map, find the closest possible rendezvous point to your location.
  2. Identify the “minimum order requirement” for your location if you want Free Delivery. Remember it’s only $299 delivery if you don’t meet the minimum!
  3. Browse our selection of premium SUP gear now at 50% OFF
  4. Add to Cart and Complete Transaction

See You on the Road and the Water!

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…And we’re back!

It’s been 8 weeks since Hurricane Florence gave us the smackdown, but we are now open in our “board house” stocked with boards, paddles, gear, and “Flo” damaged goods at low, low prices. Help us stay New Bern Strong and stop by to score our deals and keep the dream alive!

Check out our journey through our Google Photo Album: SUO Before & After:

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Flowing After Flo

Well, we’re still flowing after Flo in Hurricane Recovery mode at Stand Up Outfitters in New Bern after a complete flood out of both buildings. While we ARE still able to fulfill online orders and offer free regional delivery on board purchases, our water and land-based operations are on hold until we can reset our SUP world. If you’re in New Bern, feel free to stop by to see if we’re around. If we’re not there, we’re out meeting with the people who are going to help us re-build and keep flowing forward. We’re looking forward to a Recovery Party and raising funds to help others affected by Flo. Stay tuned to this space and take care of each other. Mahalo!

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Summer is for the Sale

It’s still paddle season but we’ve lost our minds and decided that our summer board inventory needs to get on the water before the first frost bites. That’s why we just marked down our curated collection of SIC Maui boards for your benefit! Yes, we want you to love paddleboarding as much as we do, so we’re giving you the opportunity of a lifetime to provide a home for a paddleboard for less! So stop scrolling, wishing, hoping, and waiting for the right time to buy a paddleboard because the time is now! Summer is for the Sale!
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MNM…in America

SUP! All the cool kids are doing it. Join the MNM (Monday Night Meetup) for an hour of fitness and fun on the water. Builds paddling and social skills! Bring a friend or meet new ones. This is a free group event open to all levels of paddlers, but experience is expected as this is not an introductory paddle class. Whether you just want to paddle with others or are looking to hone your drafting and “group” training skills, the MNM is for you! 

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SUO Free Regional Delivery

SUO | Free Regional Delivery

Better Performance delivered to your door. And it’s FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Hey Southeastern North Carolina! It’s time for a new paddleboard! Instead of ordering online or trying to figure out how to get it home from that sporting goods something down the street, Get yours delivered to your door (with a minimum $1500 equipment purchase) for FREE! That’s right, no shipping fee and no hassle! 

Forget about figuring out how to dispose of the dirty oversized box from the freight company and mountains of bubble wrap, arguing with a crabby truck driver over damage issues, or fretting over a 53′ trailer in your driveway! Don’t meet that sketchy guy on Craigslist! Who knows what that board has gone through (or where that Craigslist guy wants to take you…anyway). And do you really think that guy selling Air Jordans and Real Tree is going to show you how to strap that shiny new plastic fantastic board to your roof? 

That’s why we offer exceptional service, expertise, and we do all the dirty work for you when it comes to getting a new paddleboard. We will help you select the perfect board, and deliver your new board in a bag, on a vehicle, to your door at the time that works with your schedule. Just like pizza, but fewer carbs. Oh, and you also get a Board Owners Kit, outfitted with swag just for you.

Ready to go? Shop our performance brands and see the difference that high quality equipment makes on your experience! 

Oh and in case you didn’t know, we also offer a “try before you buy” demo program so you get the right board the first time!

See you soon!

all the the cool kids are doing it-2
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Hang out with the SIC Ambassadors and experience the #boundbywater effect:




Hosted by your friendly regional SIC Ambassadors and Stand Up Outfitters!

Paddle with our regional SIC Maui Ambassadors, geek out on SIC Gear, and enjoy a cookout in our beautiful backyard

First join the Ambassadors on a training paddle. The paddle route and distance will be determined by conditions and other variables. Be Prepared! Bring your board and safety equipment (PFD & Leash). Bring hydration. Be hydrated.

Afterwards, you can try out SIC boards and paddles, get SIC Swag, and enjoy some light refreshments?

So how much is this going to cost me, you ask. Nothing. Nada. It’s free so now you have run out of excuses! The goal of the SIC Ambassador program is to bring the paddling community together so that we can all experience the transformative nature of water.sic-day-2