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Shipping Rates


Boards: If you live within this area, we have delivery options. Call for details (252) 638-3000.

Paddles: $35

Gear: Free

House Rules

Board Receiving Policy

  • Read our Board Receiving Instructions prior to receiving your shipment and follow them when it arrives
  • In case of damage, non-compliance of instructions will negate payment of any claims for damage
  • No refusals of shipments or returns

Return Policy

    • 100% Satisfaction within reason.
    • No returns on boards, paddles or vehicle merchandise.
    • No returns after 7 days for soft goods.

Privacy Policy

About Stand Up Outfitters


Stand Up Outfitters is a paddler-owned and operated SUP speciality shop in coastal North Carolina. Our Mission: To support the paddle community and offer the best in equipment, expertise and experiences.


Established in 2011, Stand Up Outfitters has evolved into a premier paddle destination specializing in equipment, experiences, and education. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Launch from our waterfront location with private water launch on Lawson Creek with quick access to the Neuse & Trent Rivers
  • SUP & Kayak Rentals hourly, daily, weekly at our location or yours
  • SUP Tours, Lessons, Workshops & Events
  • Club Memberships & Storage: All the benefits of board ownership without the hassle
  • SIC Maui Glide Center
  • Shop our fully stocked retail center for SUP, Surf, Skate & Kayak equipment


New Bern is a thriving 300-year-old-town that begins at the confluence of the Trent and Neuse Rivers and offers incredible access to a variety of uncrowded paddling terrain. Our backyard features flatwater, downwind, and blackwater paddling; we are 30 miles from waves on the Crystal Coast and within 2.5 hours of the Outer Banks, Wrightsville, and the Triangle.
Visit our premier waterfront destination conveniently located at Exit 416 on Highway 70.

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