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Choose More Adventures

Ride more days, catch more waves, and surf new ways on a stand up paddleboard. You don’t have to be the SUP kook in the lineup. You can still be a surfer and wear your shortboard badge of honor. Add SUP to your quiver and you can choose more adventures anytime and anywhere.

Stand up paddling is more of an enhancement to your surfing life than waving the white flag of kookdom.

When the waves aren’t firing, SUP on flatwater improves your overall balance, surfing fitness, and offers the same happy water therapy you get from surfing.

On a “Downwind” SUP, you glide on the wave energy without the consequences and you can use the wind to your advantage. Simpler, easier to use and more forgiving than kitesurfing or windsailing, downwinding is the easiest way to enjoy windy days on the water.

And if every year, it gets harder to move your geriatric joints through the “pop-up”, then standing up offers the freedom of wave riding without the physical challenges of prone positioning.

In the winter months, you can enjoy warmer and longer wave riding sessions without the pain of head numbing duck dives and frozen limbs. Standing above the water is warmer for sure.

If you still think SUP is for kooks, that’s ok. We’ll just be over here on our own, riding more waves, gliding more bumps, and breaking more glass. You’re always welcome to join us.

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