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See if you qualify for Free Delivery!

See if You Qualify for Free Delivery!

Right now we’re offering Free Regional Delivery on qualifying purchase amounts. We securely deliver SUP equipment to your location or meeting point in the delivery area, on your schedule.

It’s the safest and easiest and most affordable way to buy SUP gear!

If your total is below the minimum for free delivery, we offer delivery service for only $299. Want a real shocker? Get a quote for Freight Residential Delivery of a 14′ board and you’ll see why this is your best deal. Plus, we won’t drive a forklift through it. 

Another way to reach your Free Delivery minimum is by getting your neighbor to order one and you both get free delivery, buy a sup for your neighbor, or buy SUPs for the whole neighborhood. As the old Hawaiian saying goes “mo boards, mo bettah!”

How to See if You Qualify for Free Delivery and Score the Best Sporting Goods Deal of Your Life:

  1. Identify your location on the map. If your location is outside the map, find the closest possible rendezvous point to your location.
  2. Identify the “minimum order requirement” for your location if you want Free Delivery. Remember it’s only $299 delivery if you don’t meet the minimum!
  3. Browse our selection of premium SUP gear now at 50% OFF
  4. Add to Cart and Complete Transaction

See You on the Road and the Water!

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