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SUO Free Regional Delivery

SUO | Free Regional Delivery

Better Performance delivered to your door. And it’s FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Hey Southeastern North Carolina! It’s time for a new paddleboard! Instead of ordering online or trying to figure out how to get it home from that sporting goods something down the street, Get yours delivered to your door (with a minimum $1500 equipment purchase) for FREE! That’s right, no shipping fee and no hassle! 

Forget about figuring out how to dispose of the dirty oversized box from the freight company and mountains of bubble wrap, arguing with a crabby truck driver over damage issues, or fretting over a 53′ trailer in your driveway! Don’t meet that sketchy guy on Craigslist! Who knows what that board has gone through (or where that Craigslist guy wants to take you…anyway). And do you really think that guy selling Air Jordans and Real Tree is going to show you how to strap that shiny new plastic fantastic board to your roof? 

That’s why we offer exceptional service, expertise, and we do all the dirty work for you when it comes to getting a new paddleboard. We will help you select the perfect board, and deliver your new board in a bag, on a vehicle, to your door at the time that works with your schedule. Just like pizza, but fewer carbs. Oh, and you also get a Board Owners Kit, outfitted with swag just for you.

Ready to go? Shop our performance brands and see the difference that high quality equipment makes on your experience! 

Oh and in case you didn’t know, we also offer a “try before you buy” demo program so you get the right board the first time!

See you soon!

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